HYH Consulting LLC’s professional services has been meeting the tax and insurance needs for businesses and personal clients for many years.  Working with our clients, we have built much knowledge and expertise in the areas we service.  Managing finances, making the right decisions and keeping up with the changes of the economy can be very difficult.  Let us help your family and let us help with your business!

On our ACCOUNTING & TAX services side, our main service focus is on IRS Audits and Fraud Investigations.   If you are in trouble with the IRS or need help investigating a Corporate Fraud, we can help you.  Our other services include TAX PREPARATION for individuals and businesses, Live PAYROLL and Payroll Tax Reporting Services, QuickBooks Bookkeeping and New Business/Corporation START-UPS.

On our INSURANCE services side, we offer the best, competitive products in Auto, Home, Business, Health & Life by tracking the market trend for the lowest rates possible for the highest protection needs.  We work closely with the Insurance Carriers as well as the Healthcare Reform Law to offer top rated services and insights to our clients by educating our employees and making sure that every one of us have learned the latest products available today.

Our number one rule is to give our clients professional services efficiently and cost-effectively by offering all services in ONE PLACE.

We work hard and make sure we go the extra mile to serve your needs as if we are helping our own family and friends.  After reviewing our services via this website, please CONTACT US through telephone or email for a FREE consultation.  Thank you for visiting our website!